26 Feb 2013

The Koala Motel Dream -- S. K. Kelen

[1956-current, Australian] 

It’s a dog all right the nurse told you 
your wife has just given birth to a beautiful 
bouncing afghan hound you must decide 
either to hand out cigars and carry on 
or tell them at the office fuck something 
burn down your nice house 
starting with the carport so you flew south 
for the winter freer than a dream  
& on the way picked up a hippy girl 
hitching out of Albury if only the 
boys at the office then she feeds 
you blue hallucinogens on the way 
to the Koala Motor Inn at 
Wangaratta, Victoria. 

Source: Kelen, SK 1991, Atomic Ballet, Hale &​ Iremonger, Sydney. Retrieved 26 February 2013 from www.poetrylibrary.edu.au/poets/kelen-s-k/the-koala-motel-dream-0086031

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